Creative Medicine Pharmacy

Our Philosophy

At Creative Medicine Pharmacy, we know that most aspects of health are a reflection of the way we live our whole lives, aside of course from the genetic lottery or the misfortune of succumbing to infection ( and even then, our lifestyles affect the robustness of our immune system). The first step in integrated health is helping people to make healthy choices that keep them well and out of the health care system. 

Once somebody is ill, treating their problem with an integrated approach means bringing together mainstream medical science with the best of other traditions. Complementary interventions my range from stress reduction techniques to acupuncture and nutritional therapy.

The answer to illness rarely lies in taking tablets alone, but rather in addressing the persons lifestyle as a whole. This can often call for lateral thinking on the part of pharmacists, naturopaths and other practitioners, finding innovative ways to bring people back to good health. The ultimate goal is to empower our customers, to bring about a healthy change, positive clinical outcomes and helping our patients feel better and stay better.

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